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Welcome to our newly revised website. Highland Park Community Outreach (AKA HPCO), which had been known mostly for it’s programs for youth and children, has gone through a transformation. After almost 3 decades of working in this community we now feel that our best contribution would be to serve the adults in our community and especially those who grew up in our youth and children’s ministries. So here’s our new Mission Statement:

“Bringing Urban Renewal through Discipling Urban Adults, Resourcing Urban Ministries, and Growing and Coaching Urban Leaders" Truthfully, our website has a long way to go to reflect all that we are and all we are doing but check back with us every so often to see our updates.


About Us

 Highland Park Community Outreach (AKA HPCO) has been a non-profit organization located in the city of Highland Park that was founded by John and Jacky Weidman. For almost 3 decades they have served in this community and in the surrounding areas.

HPCO done a variety of ministries (Kids bible club, summer day camp, over night camps, Youth bible clubs, camps, employment and housing programs, church planting, food distribution, counseling, etc.) and has used many different names over the years (Open Door Kids Club, Youth for Christ, Kids for Christ, Kids for Change, Highland Park Community Church, and others.)

Recently HPCO entered into a partnership with a ministry known as 323 for the King who are very active in the community with youth and children. HPCO has recently donated the building at 45 Ferris to 323 who now owns and maintains it but our offices and programs are still operating out of the same location



HPCO is non-profit corporation that relies 100% on donations from it’s ministry partners. Your partnership will help us build strong leaders in the city of Highland Park by helping us hire staff, purchase supplies, and sponsor programs and conferences for those who greatly need it.

You can either click on the donate button and give through paypal or send your donation to us at HPCO, P.O. Box 3900, Highland Park, MI 48203.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.  All donations are tax deductible

*. For donors outside of Michigan, please contact us at information@hpco.org.

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